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  • Jan 18 2022

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  • Jun 30 2021

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    Due to pandemics, we retained to shift into the advanced workspace surroundings and have addressed numerous pandemic-associated fluctuations. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage the team remotely as the company would not be able to measure the productivity in terms of working hours, punctuality...

  • Jun 29 2021


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    All the moms are superheroes. She always does what is best for her children. I have always loved working as a teacher & therapist. In day-to-day life, I interacted with many parents & their children & I want that everyone has to enjoy motherhood & thrive on the fact that we have these very short yea...

  • Jun 29 2021

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    As per our society, there are various gender roles that tell the view/perceptions regarding the characteristics, behaviours & responsibilities that belong to the individual on a gender basis.  There can be many examples such as per the traditional norms, women are responsible for taking care of the ...

  • Jun 26 2021

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      With the online growing pace, there are numerous chatting apps in the market, among which Telegram has become one of the most using app. This has also become the most using app for business conversations & business-related discussions. Every App can be considered fluent if something gets updated o...

  • Jun 26 2021


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    "Shopping is something which we can't resist at all, especially if discounts are there! I think you all agree with my saying."   In today's emerging world, we all know that there are countless online retail sites that are selling all kinds of products & services. Apart from these products, it can be...